a mySheepi TRAVEL neck pillow in mountain gray incl. TRAVEL POCKET and a light on a rock surface.
A close-up of a mySheepi TRAVEL neck pillow in mountain gray including a TRAVEL POCKET on a bed.
A black and white photo of TRAVEL neck pillow in mountain gray incl. TRAVEL BAG from mySheepi and rocks.
A close up of a person's hand holding a mySheepi TRAVEL neck pillow in mountain grey incl. TRAVEL BAG.
A close up of a zipper on a piece of mySheepi TRAVEL neck pillow in mountain gray including luggage.
A close-up of a mySheepi TRAVEL neck pillow in mountain gray including a TRAVELBAG rug.
a TRAVEL neck pillow in mountain gray incl. TRAVEL POCKET sitting on a white wall, from the brand mySheepi.

TRAVEL neck pillow in mountain gray

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The mySheepi TRAVEL is filled with Premium Super Soft. Premium Super Soft provides you with the firmness you need for the side position and at the same time is so pliable that you do not lie too high when you leave the side position. Premium Supersoft is the most commonly chosen pillow filling. It is made of recycled material, is suitable for allergy sufferers and completely odorless.
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a mySheepi TRAVEL neck pillow in mountain gray incl. TRAVEL POCKET and a light on a rock surface.

TRAVEL neck pillow in mountain gray

Regular price 89,00 €
Verkaufspreis 89,00 € Regulärer Preis
  • Size: 35 x 40 cm 
  • Made in Germany
  • Adaptable to every movement and sleeping position
  • Dual chamber system for the mySheepi HOME feeling even when traveling
  • Filling quantity individually adjustable
  • With hypoallergenic Premium Super Soft filling made from recycled material 
  • Functional cover made of 100% cotton
  • All materials meet the ÖKO-TEX® Standard 100.
  • Certified by the IGR Institute for Health and Ergonomics
Care instructions

mySheepi TRAVEL filled with Premium Super Soft filling: The filling is washable up to 60°C without clumping after washing. You can also just wash the whole pillow in the washing machine. Then shake it up well and you're done. After washing, you can also dry the pillow in the dryer on a low setting.

Other filling materials: If you have ordered a different filling for your pillow in our mySheepi SPA, there are other care instructions to follow. You can find them directly in our SPA section.

For the different fabrics : Please follow the washing instructions (sewn on the pillows).

Washing instructions

In order for you to sleep as well on your mySheepi as you did on the first day, your pillow needs your attention every now and then.

How to wash your mySheepi: Pillow in the dryer3x a year you should give your mySheepi including the filling a wash. All our pillows with the basic filling Premium Super Soft can be washed at 60 degrees in the washing machine. Make sure to spin your pillow at a maximum of 800 revolutions. For all other fillings such as virgin sheep's wool, there are separate care instructions.

How to dry your mySheepi properly: You can dry your mySheepi in a tumble dryer on a low setting. Air drying is also possible. To do this, line a laundry basket with a towel and spread the filling evenly on it.

This is how you get the filling fluffy again: After drying, it is important to neatly pluck the filling apart again to separate small clumps from each other and get the filling nice and fluffy again. We recommend that you repeat this process regularly.


Is the pillow also suitable for use in a waterbed?
We have many customers who get along very well with their waterbed and our mySheepi. You can vary the filling quantity and thus the height of the pillow. Whether it also suits you is something we have to find out in a practical test.

Is there any special handling of the filling after washing? Take out the filling, for example?
Taking out and spreading out the Medline filling can be beneficial and results in a higher fluffiness, but is not absolutely necessary.

Can you use a normal pillowcase for the mySheepi TRAVEL?
You can also cover your mySheepi TRAVEL with a conventional pillowcase. However, for an optimal sleeping experience, we recommend you use the custom-fit mySheepi covers. We have designed them exactly so that the mobility of the bolster is guaranteed at all times and your mySheepi is always optimally protected by the cover.

What does mySheepi SPA mean?
In our mySheepi SPA you get inlets for your mySheepi, which we fill with different filling materials for you. With these inlets you can additionally refine your mySheepi and thus your sleeping comfort.

The mountain calls: on expedition with mySheepi.

It begins with a first step. The mountain is calling you and you have to follow it. You feel the cold of the early morning and the crunch of the snow under your shoes. You feel the backpack on your shoulders and the adrenaline in your veins. You know there is no turning back, only the climb and the promise of the unknown.

You put one foot in front of the other and feel your body warming up. Your muscles and mind begin to work, you focus on the next step, the next breath. You see the beauty around you - the majestic peaks, the deep valleys and the untouched nature. You are only a small part of it and yet you are infinitely connected.

But the climb is not easy. You feel the effort, the pain in your legs, the sweat on your forehead. You wonder if you will make it, if you have enough endurance to reach the top. But you do not give up. You hear the echo of your own voice telling you that you can do it.

And then, finally, after hours of climbing, you see it: the summit. It's the moment you've been waiting for, the moment of overwhelm. You feel a mixture of joy and exhaustion, you feel your knees go weak and your hands shake. You have made it. You have reached the summit. At this moment you just want to linger and enjoy the moment. But your body tells you. The ascent has taken its toll on your body and you feel tension spreading in your neck and shoulders, making it hard to enjoy the view. You realize: only the right pillow and a break can help you now. Fortunately, you have thought of the mySheepi TRAVEL in mountain gray, which you took along especially for this climb.

The mySheepi effect accompanies you at any altitude.

The TRAVEL pillow with its dimensions of 35 x 40 cm is the ideal travel pillow that fits in any suitcase, backpack and even in the hand luggage. Best of all, when you roll it up, there's still plenty of room left over for other travel gear. We have found through long testing that these dimensions offer the optimal balance between comfort and travel suitability.

So if you suddenly feel your muscles cramping and your neck aching as you climb, the backpack suddenly feeling heavier on your shoulders: get the mySheepi TRAVEL out of your backpack and take a break.

It's small and light, yet so incredibly comfortable. You put it against your head and feel your muscles relax gratefully. The soft surface feels pleasant on your skin and you close your eyes for a moment. You use the mySheepi TRAVEL for the first time on your trip and ask yourself why you have never heard of this wonderful pillow before.

The bolster that makes the difference.

Our TRAVEL neck pillow is characterized by our special two-chamber system, which allows individual adjustment of the neck roll and the main chamber independently of each other. In this way, it is possible to adjust the pillow so that it exactly meets your requirements and supports your neck muscles in the best possible way.

Different sleeping situations can occur not only during a mountain expedition, but also during traveling in general. Unlike your own bed at home, in hotels, camping or Airbnb's you sleep on different mattresses, sometimes softer, sometimes harder and often somewhere in between. There are no uniform standards for sleeping accommodations. For this reason, you should not trust any standard pillow. It is of particular importance that you can adapt your pillow to you and changing sleeping environments in order to be able to relax and sleep optimally everywhere. This is only possible with mySheepi.

Storm the summit through optimal sleep without pain or tension and enjoy the overwhelming beauty at the top of the highest mountains without restrictions and with full soul.

Pure cotton. 100%.

The mySheepi TRAVEL neck pillow is made of 100% pure cotton, which was processed in a particularly stable weave pattern to ensure a very high durability of the pillow. The very fine and diagonal lines in the gray fabric provide an appealing look and give the neck pillow a resistant structure, while it still feels soft and comfortable on your skin.

Thanks to this sturdy, yet soft cotton material and the adjustable chambers, the mySheepi TRAVEL neck pillow is the perfect companion for all your travels. The special weave makes it less sensitive to extreme weather conditions. Whether it's strong sunlight, humidity, lower air pressure on mountain peaks or snow: your mySheepi always keeps its suppleness and shape.

The mySheepi TRAVEL neck pillow is the reliable helper for your stressed neck area. It doesn't matter whether you're going on a casual hike or want to fulfill your dream and finally conquer Mount Everest: after your adventure, you can sit back and relax, review your experiences while your mySheepi TRAVEL supports you gently and optimally.

Extremely resistant. Resilient in every respect.

Our TRAVEL pillows are equipped with a clever duo zipper system that allows individual filling of the bolster and main chamber. The zippers are made of high-quality plastic and are therefore particularly durable. Unlike metal zippers, the plastic prevents rust, scratches or wear. The sturdy plastic zippers are resistant to pressure, impact and bending, which means that they will work properly even with frequent use.

When you want to climb the highest mountains, you know that you need to prepare yourself for a unique and extraordinary adventure. You want to make sure you have everything you need for a successful and most comfortable trip, including your mySheepi TRAVEL neck pillow.

You put the pillow in your bag, knowing that it will provide you with the comfort you need during the flight or the long way there. Even if you put it in a bag and it gets compressed by other objects or a big stone, you will be able to continue using it without damage. Also the filling has a special bounce, which finds its shape again when loosened up. In this way, you can enjoy the incredible expanses of the mountains and relax completely after the adventure on your mySheepi TRAVEL.

Quality. That lasts.

You look up and see the goal in front of you - the summit. With every fiber of your body you feel the adrenaline pumping through your veins. You have conquered the mountain and you feel a wave of emotions flowing over you - pride, happiness, satisfaction. You close your eyes and breathe deeply as you sit down on the ground and let yourself be overwhelmed by the beauty of nature around you.

You open your eyes and look at your mySheepi TRAVEL neck pillow in mountain gray hanging from your backpack. You pay attention to quality in your equipment and are happy to have finally invested in a pillow that stands for robust fabrics, finest stitching and a quality "Made in Germany" and will accompany you on this and many other trips. You will use it to sleep on long flights and to spend restful nights on your next trip. You are grateful for the opportunity to discover this world and for the companions that support you on your journey - like the mySheepi TRAVEL neck pillow, which you will now include firmly in your luggage.

We can explain to you in just 54 seconds why you too need a mySheepi for your trip.


Why do I need a bolster on my pillow?

The atlas vertebra has always been referred to in medicine as the "control element" for nutrient stoff and blood circulation. If it lies incorrectly at night, in addition to tense muscles, even blood vessels can constrict. This can have a significant negative impact on the entire human circulatory system.

From many years of therapeutic application and new scientific findings in atlas medicine, the unique pillow concept has now been developed, which addresses precisely this problem.

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