A white mySheepi pillow with a label on it.
Award-winning and ergonomic pillow, ZIM, Innovation Award Ergonomics, Supported by Federal Ministry, Healthy Living Award
mySheepi once again test winner: awarded by the German Institute for Service Quality
Neck pillow honored with Ergonomics Innovation Award
Neck pillow side view, all materials used ÖKO-Tex 100 Standard certified

mySheepi HOME pillow

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Medline Premium is for soft but stable lying. This filling is suitable for you if you lie mainly in one position. It is made of recycled material, suitable for allergy sufferers and completely odorless.
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    80 x 40 cm pillow: 5 - 7 days
    60 x 40 cm pillow: 7 - 10 days

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  • 100 days without risk trial sleep

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  • Made in Germany
  • Adaptable to every movement and sleeping position
  • Filling quantity individually adjustable
  • With allergy-friendly Medline Premium or Premium Super Soft filling made from recycled material
  • Functional cover made of 100% cotton
  • All materials meet the ÖKO-TEX® Standard 100.
  • Certified by the IGR Institute for Health and Ergonomics
Care instructions

mySheepi HOME filled with Premium Super Soft filling: The filling is washable up to 60°C without clumping after washing. You can also just wash the whole pillow in the washing machine. Then shake it up well and you're done. After washing, you can also dry the pillow in the dryer on a low setting.

Other filling materials: If you have ordered a different filling for your pillow in our mySheepi SPA, there are other care instructions to follow. You can find them directly in our SPA section.

For the different fabrics : Please follow the washing instructions (sewn to the pillows).

Washing instructions

In order for you to sleep as well on your mySheepi as you did on the first day, your pillow needs your attention every now and then.

How to wash your mySheepi: Pillow in the dryer3x a year you should give your mySheepi including the filling a wash. All our pillows with the basic filling Premium Super Soft can be washed at 60 degrees in the washing machine. Make sure to spin your pillow at a maximum of 800 revolutions. For all other fillings such as virgin sheep's wool, there are separate care instructions.

How to dry your mySheepi properly: You can dry your mySheepi in a tumble dryer on a low setting. Air drying is also possible. To do this, line a laundry basket with a towel and spread the filling evenly on it.

This is how you get the filling fluffy again: After drying, it is important to neatly pluck the filling apart again to separate small clumps from each other and get the filling nice and fluffy again. We recommend that you repeat this process regularly.


What size do I need?
mySheepi HOME is available in two sizes - 60 x 40 cm and 80 x 40 cm. Are you active during sleep, do you turn a lot and are you used to sleeping on a large pillow? Then we recommend you the mySheepi HOME 80 x 40 cm. If you like it more compact, then the mySheepi HOME 60 x 40 cm (M) is exactly the right size for you.

What does SPA mean?
our mySheepi SPA you get inlets for your mySheepi, which we fill with different filling materials for you. With these inlets you can additionally refine your mySheepi, and thus your sleeping comfort.

Is the pillow also suitable for use in a waterbed?
We have many customers who get along very well with their waterbed and our mySheepi. You can vary the filling quantity and thus the height of the pillow. Whether it also suits you is to be found out in a practical test.

Is there any special handling of the filling after washing? Do I have to take out the filling?
Removing and spreading out the Medline filling can be beneficial and results in a higher fluffiness, but it is not absolutely necessary.

Can I use a normal pillowcase for mySheepi HOME?
can also cover your mySheepi HOME with a regular pillowcase. However, for an optimal sleeping experience, we recommend that you use the custom-fit mySheepi covers. We have designed them exactly so that the mobility of the bolster is guaranteed at all times and your mySheepi is always optimally protected by the cover.

mySheepi neck pillow incl. Innovation Award Ergonomics, Healthy Living Award, German Design Award Winner 2023

mySheepi - the new way to sleep

mySheepi is the world's first pillow with an integrated, movable bolster. It helps to gently support the area around the neck and throat at night. This allows muscles to relax and promotes blood circulation in the body.

The concept was developed from many years of scientific research. mySheepi is recommended throughout Germany by doctors, physiotherapists and sleep experts and is considered the No.1 top innovation of 2020 according to the IGR (Institute for Health and Ergonomics).

We can explain to you in just 54 seconds why you too need a mySheepi.


Well bedded in any position.

At the end of the day, only you feel what support you need for a restful sleep experience. Whether pillow height or firmness, the practical inlets make it easy to adjust the filling of your mySheepi to you and your sleeping position.

Why do I need a bolster on my pillow?

The atlas vertebra has always been referred to in medicine as the "control element" for nutrient stoff and blood circulation. If it lies incorrectly at night, in addition to tense muscles, even blood vessels can constrict. This can have a significant negative impact on the entire human circulatory system.

From many years of therapeutic application and new scientific findings in atlas medicine, the unique pillow concept has now been developed, which addresses precisely this problem.

Does mySheepi also suit me?

You make it fit.

The mySheepi pillow can be individually filled as desired, both at the bolster and at the headboard. This means that everyone can adapt mySheepi to his or her own individual needs and ensure that the patented functionality is also fully effective for you.

Good to know: A bag of refill material is included free of charge with every order.

Developed by orthopedists, recommended by physiotherapists.

The unique pillow concept was developed in Germany from therapeutic application by an orthopedist to relieve neck muscles and alleviate discomfort caused by tension.

Due to the unique two-chamber system and the possibility to individually adjust the amount of filling in both the head part (2) and the bolster (1) to your own body, the muscles are supported at night and can relax noticeably better. The mobility of the bolster ensures that the atlas vertebra remains in its anatomically correct position in any sleeping position - even during active movements during sleep.

Only made possible by outstanding quality in sustainable production.

At mySheepi we attach great importance to your health. Only certified fabrics and filling materials are used for the production of your mySheepi - made in Germany.

This is how we create a sustainable, ergonomic pillow of the highest quality.

This is your mySheepi.

Interchangeable inlets allow you to adjust the amount of fill to your specific sleeping position.

Additionally available pillowcases made of colorful 100% cotton fabric with satin finish provide extra protection for your mySheepi.

Functional cover
Gives your mySheepi stability, connects the headrest to the bolster and ensures that nothing slips.

Filled as standard with our best filling: Premium Super Soft. Soft, cozy, breathable and perfect for allergy sufferers.

Packaged plastic-free, of course.

From the selection of 100% sustainable materials to fair production - a good conscience is part of a better night's sleep at mySheepi. That's why our free shipping is climate neutral and of course comes without plastic.

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