How does a mySheepi work?

The mySheepi HOME pillow concept, which was developed from scientific research, consists of two filled inlets in a unique functional cover. With the practical inlets in the headboard and bolster, your mySheepi HOME can be perfectly adapted to you and your sleeping position.

In this way, it brings your head and neck into their natural position - because only when your spine is straight can your body recover in the best possible way. Your neck is always optimally supported, even when movement comes into play. The sophisticated functional cover keeps the neck roll of your mySheepi HOME flexible without slipping.

So you not only fall asleep faster, but also sleep better through the night. The result? Sleep healthier, wake up more refreshed!

What is the difference to other pillows

Conventional pillows do not provide ideal relief for your cervical spine and usually position your head too high. This can lead not only to tension, but also to restless sleep, because your body is always looking for a more relaxed, pain-free sleeping position at night.

This is different on a mySheepi. Because with the integrated, movable neck roll, your mySheepi HOME itself has a few advantages over other neck support pillows: it follows your movements during sleep and can thus help you to really sleep soundly through the night. It is especially helpful that the mySheepi HOME can be adapted to you and your sleeping needs, unlike ready-made pillows.

And our certified sleep consultants are happy to take the time to do this together with you.

The 100-day trial sleep explained

You have 100 days from delivery to try out your mySheepi without any risk. Please take the time to adjust it to your personal needs - a well-illustrated manual is included with your mySheepi! And of course we won't leave you alone after the purchase and will be happy to help you with a personal sleep consultation, if you wish.

If a timely appointment for the telephone sleep consultation is not available, you will of course not be disadvantaged - your trial period will simply be extended by the corresponding days! Of course, we will be happy if your mySheepi and our service convince you and you sleep healthier from now on. But we also know that no pillow, no matter how individually customizable, convinces all people.

If, contrary to expectations, you don't want to keep your mySheepi, you can return it under the 100-day money-back guarantee and get the purchase price back. For goods purchased directly from us, you can print out a return label for free return shipping under 'Returns'.

If you have ordered your mySheepi from another online store, the return shipping costs shown there apply.