How do I fill my mySheepi correctly?

What is a sleep consultation by our sleep experts?

When you book a sleep consultation, we will call you at the selected time. In a personal consultation, our certified sleep consultants will take the time to find the right size and filling for your sleeping needs and help you find the right filling volume for you. If you would like additional time to try out your mySheepi, we will be happy to extend your trial sleep period.

Obtaining your mySheepi correctly

Washing your mySheepi properly

In order for you to sleep as well on your mySheepi as you did on the first day, your pillow needs your attention every now and then.

How to wash your mySheepi pillow in the washing machine
You should wash your mySheepi including the filling 3 times a year. All our pillows with the basic filling Premium Super Soft can be washed at 60 degrees in the washing machine. Make sure to spin your pillow at a maximum of 800 revolutions. For all other fillings such as virgin sheep's wool, there are separate care instructions.

How to dry your mySheepi properly
You can dry your mySheepi in a tumble dryer on a low setting. Air drying is also possible. To do this, line a laundry basket with a towel and spread the filling evenly on it.

How to get the filling fluffy again
After drying, it's important to pick the filling apart again neatly to separate small clumps from each other and to get the filling nice and fluffy again. We recommend that you repeat this process regularly.

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