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mySheepi HOME

How do I properly care for mySheepi HOME?

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"I will now show you how to optimally care for your mySheepi pillow. First of all, I would definitely recommend using the cover from mySheepi, which simply increases the longevity of your pillow. You can wash it once a week in the washing machine. The outer cover of the pillow can also be washed normally in the washing machine and if you have the Medline filling, you can also put the entire pillow, including the head and neck part in the washing machine.

I know, I was also a bit skeptical at the beginning, that the filling does not clump, but I will now show you a good trick that this does not happen. After you have washed the pillow you take the fillings - on a laundry basket or something, then it does not scatter everywhere - and pull the filling apart a bit. After it has dried, just put it back into the cover and you can continue to use the pillow normally. Then you'll have something from your pillow for a long time and your mySheepi will be happy."

How do I find the right filling quantity for my mySheepi HOME?

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"Today I'm going to show you how to find the optimal amount of filling for your mySheepi, how to do the whole thing, why it's important at all for the three different sleeping positions. It's super important that our spine is straight when we sleep. After all, we want our muscles to relax when we sleep and not put extra effort into it. That's why there's mySheepi. mySheepi is the first customized pillow on the market.

You can adjust the filling quantity variably and I'll show you how to do that now: So you take the bolster once, fold it over like this and then there are two zippers exposed, one for the headboard and one for the bolster. We open the zipper for the head part once here and then the head part is exposed. Open the zipper here and you can put the filling material in and out. If you are a side sleeper, you take out a good two hands - with me it is even a bit more. If you are a back sleeper, you take out one to two hands, if you are a stomach sleeper, you can take out three to four hands. But here it is also very important to say that this is different for each person. I even take 6 hands. Many people do not dare to remove enough filling material. If you are still a bit dissatisfied with your mySheepi, it may be because there is still too much filling material in it. Now let's adjust the bolster.

Very important here is that the pillow should only be felt very lightly and should not cause a lot of pressure. If you are a side or back sleeper, for example, you can even keep this amount of filling. If you are now a stomach sleeper, three to four hands must be removed. A little tip on how to find out whether your spine is optimally straight: Lie sideways on your pillow with the selfie mode on your phone and so you can see whether your head is sagging, upwards or the spine is straight. So very short summary: adjust your mySheepi absolutely. If in doubt, take a little more filling quantity than you think - maybe that's the problem - otherwise you can always contact the mySheepi sleep consultation, they will be happy to help you."

How do I find the right pillow size for me?

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"So, if you ask me which pillow size is the right one now, there's no blanket answer to that at all. It always depends on what type of sleeper you are. If I move around a lot at night, for example, I would always go for a wider pillow, in this case with a width of 80. There I simply have a lot of space on it and can move to the left or right all night and I stay lying on the pillow. Other people tend to snuggle more with their pillow. In that case, you almost snuggle in, squeeze the pillow, and that's where my experience is that you're more likely to go for the smaller ones, like 60 x 40.

The second question is, am I a side sleeper, back sleeper or stomach sleeper? I would always first look at what type of sleeper I am. So, how am I anatomically built? Am I a man with broad shoulders? Am I a petite woman? Do I have a long neck or a short neck? And it is with these questions in mind that I would then proceed to consider how much filling I actually need. For a stomach sleeper, I would say much less filling should definitely go into the bolster. With the headboard, it's individual, you just have to look at how you feel comfortable. For a side sleeper and a back sleeper, as I said, it depends on the anatomical conditions and I would always recommend just trying it out.

In summary, there is no general recommendation. You always have to see for yourself what type of person you are, what your sleeping habits are, and I would orient myself accordingly. Maybe you should just buy a big pillow."

mySheepi COMPACT

How do I pack the COMPACT into the TRAVELBAG?

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How do I use the mySheepi COMPACT as a finishing pillow?

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"What a few basic information and assessments again about the COMPACT cushion. People are also often asked where you can use it. What does this center multi actually do here? Why don't I have that with the Chrome cushion? Can you fill that the same way? So basically, this pillow in this size, in this shape, in this design, this was actually the original pillow from the doctor. It was actually intended for travel, for on the road, but also for the bed at home.

And it was declared as a so-called graduation pillow. I just normally have my 80 by 40, 60 by 40 pillow. Lie that on top of it. Have then the advantages of the movable bolster, but the cozy sleeping. The ear is also not pressed in too much. So it's really a very, very comfortable sleeping on this pillow. And the advantage is, I can also take this pillow anywhere at any time because of the size. So, I can use this in the car, bus and train. I take this with me on vacation. I can take this with me on my business trips. Because there is namely the so-called first-night effect.

The First-Night Effect says that because of our genes, we still have that Hab-Acht attitude when we sleep somewhere else for the first night. In a foreign environment. So classic example, I'm a business traveler. On the road three days a week. This time a different hotel room. Have always constantly new beds, foreign smells and just sleep badly. Therefore, with one a piece of home with. His own pillow. You automatically have the effect that you have a I say a safe feeling when sleeping here. If one sleeps, already in the first night much more deeply and firmly. Ideally, even as at home.

Why does this cushion now have a center recess? Also quite simple, the center recess causes that it is yes also suitable for travel. Thus, of course, also in the lying position. And when I lean against it and press the back of my head into the center hollow, it is first softly bedded. And the sides then stand up slightly. And that in turn prevents me from pushing off to the left or right. When I turn my head like this, the head is supported. But I don't have the effect that I have a support around the neck, on which I then lie, and I squeeze fine veins in the neck area, and after two hours I wake up and have a headache and feel unwell. What exactly does that, I have exactly with this pillow not so. That is basically, that is actually a multi-talent.

I can sleep with it at home on my regular pillow. I take this with me on vacation, camping. We have a great bag to go with it. You can just make the pillow small in there. I just turn the top into the bolster, has a compact size. I can get that in any suitcase. As I said, there is always a bag with it. And there I can take that anywhere and get a good night's sleep."